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A Massive Patty at Clayton Brewing Co.

Such patty.
Such patty.

Out in San Dimas is a microbrewing spot called Clayton Brewing Co. Due to eating there during work, I wasn’t able to try their beer, but fortunately most breweries have great food and I was hoping Clayton would follow that pattern. After a whole lot of deliberation, I opted for the Smoked Gouda Patty Melt.

And this thing was unlike any other patty melt. For one, it was topped with gouda, which may be my favorite cheese. For another, it was also stuffed with further gouda. As if that wasn’t enough, the thing was massive and served on some crispy sourdough. It also came with onions, but I had no need for them. It also came with a side of balsamic glaze parmesan fries.

Yeah, it's as big as it looks.
Yeah, it’s as big as it looks.

The patty didn’t come out the medium-rare I had ordered, but this was no surprise considering the melty cheese inside. Plus, it was plenty juicy, using the bread beneath to soak some of that juice up. It was nicely seasoned with what was most likely seasoning salt, but who needs more than that?

The fries were also pretty good, if not strangely fancy-esque for a brewery. The meal was certainly satisfying and while the patty melt was not the greatest burger, it gained a whole lot of points for ingredients and mass. If only there had beenĀ a beer to wash it down.