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So innocent.
So innocent.

The name Bull Demon King isn’t intimidating at all, right? And yet it’s pretty much the most appropriate name for a beef noodle soup spot in Diamond Bar. You see, a buddy of mine from work thought it would be a great idea to check the place out and I thought it was a good idea as well.

But that’s when things when horribly wrong. We ordered the same thing – BDK Hell Noodles with the thick version of the said noodles. At a spice level of 1 (out of 4), we figured we would be safe. This would not be the case, as we would be presented with noodle soup spicier than any I had ever tried before in my life. I did my best to eat, to savor the flavor, but it was damn near impossible. The beef was tender, sure. The noodles were of a great consistency, sure again. Yet, while breathing fire it was hard to appreciate such things. My bubble tea was downed in about 30 seconds and I was left with water to poorly quench the fire.

After about midway through the bowl, I threw in the towel. It simply was not worth the heat. And I’m a man who likes spicy food. Nonetheless, a small part of me wants to get back and try the non-Hell version of the noodles. That’s a challenge I can probably meet.