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Some sort of benedict.
Some sort of benedict.

Eggs Benedict is pretty well-known for being one of the greatest breakfast creations of all time. Yet, it is not without faults. After all, the English muffin is probably the worst of all muffins and not even great in the realm of breads. But M Street (a Lettuce Entertain You place) in Santa Monica has a solution for this nonsense: hash browns.

It’s called Hash Browns Eggs Benedict and it is so simple that I couldn’t believe I had never seen it on a menu before. It’s literally eggs benedict on hash browns instead of English muffins. Moreover, you can get bacon instead of ham, which I did. More moreover, it comes with toast if you still want something bready.

And it is truly amazing. Unlike home fries that sometimes pass themselves off as hash browns, these are the real deal – shredded, sometimes crisp and always delicious. The bacon was also perfectly crisp and thick, while the eggs were runny and the hollandaise sauce was, well hollandaise sauce.

No doubt, this was a solid spot for some brunch. I say this not only because I assume everything on the menu is as good as the Hash Brown Eggs Benedict, but because everyone else loved the hell out of their meals as well.