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Who the hell put arugula in this?!
Who the hell put arugula in this?!

Courtyard Kitchen in Santa Monica is not in a Courtyard by Marriott hotel. In fact, it is actually in a courtyard, which makes the restaurant itself pretty unique even if it’s name is simply a description of what it is. It was said to have a solid brunch, so I found myself all the way on the west side of town at an ungodly hour hoping to eat some sort of culinary revelation.

What I opted for was the Spanish Chorizo Hash Breakfast and didn’t think to ask if there would be any arugula, because who the fuck would put arugula in such a dish? Sure, avocado is a strange addition, but at least it was listed. Nonetheless, there I was with perfectly poached eggs, big chunks of potato, chorizo, avocado, salsa and goddamn arugula. It was obnoxious, but at least it was fairly easy to remove from my meal.

Eggs away!
Eggs away!

It was undoubtedly a unique take on hash and eggs in that I don’t think anyone in their right mind would ever think to call potatoes this big hash browns. Yet, I couldn’t help but think the thing was delicious. The paprika and chili peppers gave it some nice flavor, the eggs were perfectly runny and the avocado was fresh.

Aside from the arugula, the Spanish Chorizo Hash at Courtyard Kitchen was an unvegan delight. If only, like the name of the restaurant, its name actually matched what it delivered.