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The Hangover at Snug Harbor

Oh my hangover.
Oh my hangover.

Allow me to start out by dispelling any possible rumor that I was hungover for my brunch at Snug Harbor. Not only do I have a bizarre immunity to such things, but I wouldn’t want such a thing to bias a review. I should also dispel any rumor that Snug Harbor is anywhere near water or a harbor, as it is not, even though it’s in Santa Monica. I will admit that it is snug and I will further admit that what I ordered was called The Hangover.

Yes, I don’t need to be hungover to appreciate hangover food. And this one was a doozy, beginning with parmesan crusted chicken on top of a gravy-covered biscuit and below a sunny side up egg with hollandaise sauce on it. It also came with home fries.

And let me tell you, this monster of a brunch was pretty awesome. Each ingredient was not only distinct, but matched up well with all the other ingredients. The most difficult thing about it was cutting straight through to get just the right amount of everything.

The meal definitely hit the spot and I’m pretty sure it would live up to its billing and handle just about any hangover that I can think of.