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A Sharp Edge Beer Emporium Burger

No sharp edges on this one.
No sharp edges on this one.

Not too long ago I was encouraged to pay a visit to Sharp Edge Beer Emporium in Friendship for a a burger. Which burger I was never told, and led to some confusion when I found myself staring at menu with such exotics as elk, buffalo and lamb. But I ordered myself a beer (after all, it is an emporium), relaxed and decided to go with my gut.

And that trusty gut of mine led me to a little something called the BBQ Burger. It came with a choice of patties and I chose the sirloin option medium-rare, then it was topped with smoked gouda, crispy bacon, onion petals and jerk BBQ sauce. I was told the onion petals were like onion rings, so I figured they would be acceptable, and then because there was already so much on this burger, I assumed there wouldn’t be anything else to worry about. I also upgraded my fries to Belgian frites because I was feeling just a little bit gangsta.

Slight upgrade from fries.
Slight upgrade from fries.

When my food arrived, I found about half a garden on the top bun waiting to be put on my burger. This was no good, and I immediately got rid of the stuff. I also found that my frites had been forgotten and I was left with regular fries. After I told the waitress, I was treated to frites in addition to fries. Woot.

Unfortunately, the burger left a bit to be desired. I liked the toppings, but the centerpiece of the burger was pretty dry, overcooked and flavorless. The slathering of jerk BBQ sauce helped things out a bit, but really couldn’t save the patty. I was also somewhat disappointed by the frites, which I expected to be crispier on the outside and saltier as well.

Luckily for Sharp Edge Beer Emporium, they have a great selection of beer. This helps ensure that I will keep going back and potentially trying out new and better food options. And in fact, I already have been back, perhaps bumping the score up just a little bit and erasing some of the bad flavor I had from the bad service I had that first night.