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Diced pizza.
Diced pizza.

The city that never sleeps wouldn’t be the city that never sleeps without late-night food. And on the Upper West Side, the late night eating options seem to be pretty limited. Yet, there is Big Nick’s Too (the sequel to Big Nick’s, although the original has since left this earth), a pizza, sandwich, burger and countless other things restaurant. The menu is, in fact kind of dizzying, but we were guided by the bro-in-law and his soon-to-be wife.

So we started out with a slice of a little something called Big Nick’s Special Pizza. This was stuffed with chopped beef, onions, garlic, mushroom and a dash of curry. And when our waiter found out we were splitting it four ways, he had the piece sliced into little pieces. This was great, as I only wanted a taste, knowing my taste buds were going to disagree with the onions and mushrooms. And disagree they did, but for those not so dietarily restricted, it is worth checking out.

We're not in Philly anymore. Not that we ever were.
We’re not in Philly anymore. Not that we ever were.

As for my main dish, I went with the Cheese Steak Sandwich. Topped with cheddar, mushrooms and onions, I ordered mine without the veggies. I must say I was a little disappointed that wiz wasn’t an option, but this definitely wasn’t Philly. When my food came I was sad to see wasted tomato and lettuce on the side, because they had died in vain, but at least they weren’t tossed on my sandwich. Truthfully, this was not the best sandwich. It was decent, but the meat wasn’t too flavorful, it was a bit dry and was generally too bready. Yet, The fries it came with were awesome and I could totally see how it would be great in the middle of the night instead of for dinner.

Such a pleasant surprise.
Such a pleasant surprise.

And in fact, I found myself back the next night a few hours after Cinderella’s coach would have reverted to its pumpkin form. It was certainly rowdier and the only pizza they had available without a long wait was pepperoni. We ordered three slices, then waited about 10 minutes only to be thrust with nearly an entire pizza. With seven slices in all, we told the man behind the counter that we only ordered three, but he would hear none of it. The slices were ours and this certainly improved my opinion of Big Nick’s. Of course, I know this wasn’t normal, but the pizza was pretty good and truly all I could expect from a late-night stop. Plus four more slices for good measure.