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Meat makes pizza happy.
Meat makes pizza happy.

With a big group, I headed to Vinny’s Pizza in El Segundo. Since we couldn’t fit inside the little place, we were taken outside to an area that looked like it was made for banquets. But this was no banquet, as we quickly learned when we were seated at white plastic tables with white plastic chairs. Since we were such a big group, we ordered a variety of pizzas, including Hawaiian, pepperoni and the dreaded vegetarian for our vegetarian friends.

I, of course, stuck to the pepperoni and Hawaiian. The pizza tasted like a blend between New York-style and Italian-style. The result was a pretty decent pizza. The crust could have been a bit crispier, but the ingredients were pretty good and plenty greasy. Vinny’s is kind of overlooked in El Segundo, since it is right across the street from Andiamo’s, but Vinny’s Pizza is definitely worth checking out.