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Dry Dry.

When I’m in the south, I pretty much need to eat BBQ. Thus, as my trip to Atlanta had nearly reached its conclusion and I hadn’t eaten BBQ yet, I did my best to find a spot close to the airport. Pit Boss came up on the interwebs as a good spot, so I made my way there. It looked and felt old school, which is exactly what I was hoping to find, and judging by the blue collar-looking people I had high hopes.

Death from above.

I decided to order the Brisket Sandwich with pepper jack cheese on it. I also got a side of mac and cheese. It took a bit to get ready, but when it was done I was in for a horrid surprise – upon my bun sat a couple of fluorescent pickles just doing its best to ruin the thing. I grabbed a bottle of both the spicy and mild BBQ sauce and set to work, hoping not too much damage had been done.

Don’t do it. It’s not worth it!

It turned out that the pickles did not ruin the meal. In fact the meal was ruined by a dark horse ingredient: meat. Yes, that’s right, the brisket was so dry it was nearly inedible. Even the BBQ sauce did its best to rescue the sandwich, but it was no use. I mean, sure, the mac and cheese was good, but if a BBQ place doesn’t get the BBQ part right, it has no right to even attempt to make some side dishes.

On my way out, I noticed there was a line way out the door at Pit Boss. I wanted to warn these people, but alas all I could do was to go home and write in my blog about it. Brisket was clearly a poor choice, but after eating it I can’t imagine any other choice would have been better.