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Burger and a Brew at Four Peaks

What is this stuff?

Burgers and brews go together like Forrest and Jenny, which is why my eyes generally shoot to the burger menu when I check out a brewery. It’s also why they always have burgers on the menu or, well, I question judgment. I did not have to question any judgment about burgers when I paid a visit to Four Peaks in Tempe, at least not at first.

I ordered the Popper, which is attempt at a jalapeno popper-style burger. It has the cream cheese and the jalapenos, but also fried onion strings. And unbeknownst to me until arriving in front of me, it also had the dreaded lettuce and tomato.

Fortunately, it was easy to remove the veggies, but it would take a lot more effort to restore my trust. The burger didn’t exactly do that. It’s not that it was bad by any means, it was actually fine. Just not much more than that. Fries were good, beer was good, and the burger went well with the beer.

The thing is, though, I wouldn’t go to Four Peaks for the burger. I would probably go for beer, and let the burger take the backseat. There are worse things than that, but there are a lot better as well.