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Gogi apparatus

I am a big fan of all you can eat Korean BBQ. After, what kind of a horrible person wouldn’t be a big fan of that? But, since moving to Phoenix I’m pretty much down for Korean in any way I can get it, even if I have to pay for individual dishes. Thus, when I had the chance to pay a visit to Gogi, a Korean spot in Chandler I jumped on it.

As is always my internal debate, it took me a while to decide that the Galbi lunch special sounded better than the Bulgogi lunch special. The special came with rice and all the banchan (side dishes and pickles and kimchi and stuff) one can be expected to eat, which is what the non-special comes with as well, but at a higher price with presumably more meat.

Up close and personal.

The meat was served on a bed of onions, which I am generally not a fan of, but can handle it if it means the delicious onion flavors steam their way into the meat without attaching their texture. Fortunately, that was the case. As for the meat, it was quite delicious, packed with the sweet and salty flavor I’ve come to know and love. It was also super tender, so you could say it was the full galbi package.

So, while Phoenix may not quite have the Korean options that LA does (and, frankly no place outside of Asia does), there’s definitely at least one place to go to when I get that craving for Korean meats.