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Once upon a time there was a place known as the Brown Derby in Los Feliz. Sadly, after decades in existence as a restaurant, small concert venue and crime scene it became Messhall Kitchen. According to my friends, Messhall gained a bit of a reputation as a brunch spot, so we decided to eat there for that middle meal. After much discussion with the waitress, and a potential Charlie Day sighting, I knew what I had to order.

Don't mess with hash.
Don’t mess with hash.

Unfortunately, I probably didn’t make the best choice. I went with the Corned Beef Hash, which according to the menu is very simple. Corned beef. Home fries. Fried egg. Perfect. But no. For some reason Messhall decided to turn simple corned beef hash into an abomination. You see, they decided this dish that is elegant in its simplicity needed what can only be described as an ass-load of peppers and onions. Where were these when the menu was written? Probably doing something shitty somewhere like always.

It was such a pain in the ass to eat around these things that I ended up downing what felt like at least an entire red pepper and onion. It was terrible. And not even a perfectly fried egg, seemingly tasty corned beef and crunchy-soft potatoes could save it. And if you’re reading it wondering what someone who eats vegetables would think about the restaurant you are on the wrong blog. But seriously, there weren’t too many ovations coming from the other seats at the table. The Brown Derby (under different owners) may have lived from 1940 to 2009, but I have a feeling Messhall will have a shorter life.