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A Hyper-Dry Burger at Hyperion Public

Oh, THAT hyperion.

The Hyperion sounds like sci-fi movie from the nineties that spawned a moderately successful TV series. Well, that or a moderately successful mythology-based TV series that spawned a terrible movie. It turns out that it is neither, and instead a gastropub in Silverlake. Plus, its full name is Hyperion Public. In any case, it might actually be a book series. But I digress, this is about the Hyperion Public’s food.

Jazzed Up at Jitlada

A Thai burger.
A Thai burger.

Few restaurants have been on my to-eat list longer than Jitlada, a Thai spot in the middle of Thai Town (which itself is kind of in the middle of Hollywood). The original plan was just to meet a couple of friends for some authentic eats, but we ended up biting off a lot more than we had planned for. You see, throughout the evening we had sporadic, then more significant conversations with Jazz, the woman (and Iron Chef competitor) behind the whole place.

Derby Done Different at Messhall


Once upon a time there was a place known as the Brown Derby in Los Feliz. Sadly, after decades in existence as a restaurant, small concert venue and crime scene it became Messhall Kitchen. According to my friends, Messhall gained a bit of a reputation as a brunch spot, so we decided to eat there for that middle meal. After much discussion with the waitress, and a potential Charlie Day sighting, I knew what I had to order.

A Big Dinner at Little Dom’s

I’ll get to this ricotta later.

For my birthday dinner this year, my lovely wife-to-be took me out to the Los Feliz part of town as a surprise. It’s not a part of town we spend much time in, and we made our way to Little Dom’s, an Italian place that hovers between fancy and neighborhoody. The menu had a lot of great-looking options and we decided to start things off with an appetizer and wine.

Delivery Upgrade at Lago D’Argento (CLOSED)

…and in case I don’t see you, good afternoon, good evening and good night.

My buddy, DCo, is a bit of a pizza snob. It works out well for me, because he likes to point me in the direction of awesome new and old pizza places. Recently, he told me about a new place called Lago D’Argento over in Silverlake. It took a bit of convincing, but finally I had a real reason to go to that part of town and decided to make a run for pizza while there. I invited another buddy, Jeff, to join and we checked the place out.

Slices of Tomato Pie

Not pie, just pizza.

Though LA still doesn’t have it’s own style of pizza, I keep finding more and more places that attempt to create a sort of New York style pizza. My buddy recently brought me to Tomato Pie Pizza Joint in Silver Lake. At first I was frightened by any restaurant that would use the name of a vegetable in their name. Would every pizza be loaded with tomatoes? Would this actually be a pizza place or just a place that baked pies made with tomatoes? Did my friend even know who he was eating with? What’s the meaning of life? All these questions and more flooded my brain, but when I walked into the joint and the kind of pizza they had to offer, my questions and most of my fears washed away.

Umami Burger is All Grown Up

Like blood, but better.

The newest edition of Umami Burger opened up a couple weeks ago in Los Feliz and I got there as soon as I could to see if they could continue producing those same amazing burgers. The last time I went to Umami on La Brea, it was still BYOB and had yet to develop a burger built for unvegans. Even the so-called “Manly Burger” had onions, but they were still nice enough to make burgers for my unvegan specifications. Umami Ni, as I like to call the new Umami Burger (ni meaning two in Japanese), was a grown up version of the original.

Not only does Umami Ni serve beer and wine, they even have a bar called Salaryman (another Japanese homage) where they serve Asian beers for comfortable prices. Arriving at 9:00, I expected to be seated quickly, but the place still had a waiting time, so I headed over to experience Salaryman.

Living the Good Life at Palermo

It's the cheesiest!
It’s the cheeeeesiest!

Walking into Palermo, I had little idea what I was in for. We had found it on my mom’s iPhone, using the Urban Spoon application, which I had never used before. Needless to say, we didn’t have the highest expectations.

When we got inside, there were quite a few people in the waiting area and they all were drinking wine. Asking one of them, we were told that they were selling wine for a dollar a glass. On a Saturday night! What a great way to start out our night. Despite the number of people, we actually only waited about 15 minutes. No sooner than we sat down, one of the staff came by and offered us a platter of pizza bread, explaining that it was “on the house.” The bread was a little tomato-ey, but it’s hard to complain when it’s free.