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Who would think to put this in honey?
Who would think to put this in honey?

When I first took a gander inside Honey’s Kettle Fried Chicken in Culver City, I was a little taken aback because the crowd didn’t look exactly like people who would be eating fried chicken. They looked more like people who would rather go somewhere like Rush Street or Ford’s Filling Station. Nevertheless, I had heard good things, so I went in.

A quick look at the menu revealed a wide range of non-vegetable fried options that I could enjoy, except that they all seemed to come with pickles. I decided on the three piece breast strip meal, which came with fries, a biscuit and pickles. I ordered without the pickles and asked the cashier why it was called “Honey’s Kettle,” thinking there was somehow honey involved in the fry batter. She told me that it was actually because the guy who created the batter realized that it went perfectly with a special kind of honey that they have in the restaurant.

I tried a little bit of the honey before my food came, and wasn’t exactly blown away, so I also got the two other sauces they offered there, which were both kind of spicy BBQ sauces. I fully expected to be using these when the food came rather than the honey.

I waited patiently for my food, and despite having a sort of fast food design, the chicken took about 15 minutes to make. Not a bad wait, but long enough that I knew that it was freshly fried. I tested the chicken in the honey and was amazed by how good it tasted. Not only was it great because of the combination of chicken and honey, but also because the chicken wasn’t left in a nasty oily state by the frying process. I left the other two sauces by their lonesome and concentrated on eating everything with the honey, even the fries. The biscuit was nice and dense without losing too much fluffiness. I know that doesn’t make sense, but try it and you’ll see what I mean.

Honey’s Kettle Fried Chicken is nice escape from the more posh restaurants of Culver City and will leave any lover of fried chicken happy.