The Unvegan

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There is just too much green for one plate to take.
There is just too much green for one plate to take.

I had heard a lot about the Century City food court, which really surprised me considering most food courts I’ve been to don’t get any fancier than S’barro. As I was going there for a movie already, it was finally time to check out the food court.

I was actually very surprised with what I found. This was no ordinary food court with Panda Express and McDonald’s. Instead, it was filled with upscale places that made me feel like I entered an international marketplace with prepared foods. After a long walk around and a little sampling, I decided to order from Mr. Hana, a Japanese place. They had a great looking platter with spicy chicken, gyoza (dumplings), shrimp tempura and rice that I decided to get. It also came with mixed vegetables, which I was sure to order without. I also ordered a Japanese Melon Soda, which is one of the greatest drinks ever created. No, seriously, next time you see it, you must get it, you can thank me later.

I waited in anticipation of my Japanese meat-filled meal while sipping on my drink and when it finally came, I was pretty disappointed. The meats looked good, but it still had vegetables. Even worse, everything was placed on a bed of lettuce. Worst bed ever.

It was tough eating the chicken without getting lettuce in it because of the sticky sauce. The gyoza was pretty good, although a bit small. Finally, the tempura tasted pretty good aside from the lettuce that kept sticking to it.

In the end, it’s not scenario I would like to relive anytime soon. Next time I’m at Century City, I’m sure another food court option can give me a better unvegan meal.