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Not too Asian.

EDIT: The Century City location is gone, but Lawry’s continues to carve elsewhere.

After a year or so of flirting around with the Asian options at the Century City food court, I finally decided to take the plunge into some of their meatier food. This is not to say that I wasn’t eating meat all along, but few restaurants exude meatiness more than Lawry’s Carvery, the food court version of Lawry’s Prime Rib steakhouse. I took to browsing their menu and even though there was a ton of meat, a few of the good-looking dishes included vegetables.

Far better than cole slaw.

Finally, I found their BBQ Brisket Platter. It included crispy onions and cole slaw, so I just ordered it without the onions and asked if I could get it without the cole slaw as well. Rather than just listening to me demand, the woman at the counter asked if I wanted to substitute the cole slaw for anything under 2 bucks. This left only the potato chips, which sounded far superior to the wicked veggies of slaw. The platter also came with the side of my choice, which I chose to be mac and cheese.

They whipped up my platter along their assembly line and I found myself a nice little table to eat at. I looked proudly at my meaty dinner and began to eat. The brisket was pretty good and tender, and it was certainly a healthy-sized portion. The BBQ sauce wasn’t really anything special and although it didn’t hurt the meal, it didn’t make the meal either. The mac and cheese was tasty and my only problem with it was that I wanted more. The chips made a nice substitute for cole slaw, but didn’t bring too much to the table aside from making my stomach more full.

I definitely recommend Lawry’s Carvery for anyone looking for a meaty meal at the Century City food court, however, there’s definitely better brisket and BBQ to be found outside the mall in the rest of LA.