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An amazing deal.
An amazing deal.

I discovered a Togo’s coupon at work that seemingly granted me one of the cheapest meals ever. It said that I could get a free sandwich with the purchase of chips and a drink. Not too shabby in a world that usually offers minor discounts on chips and drinks after you purchase the sandwich. I decided to try it out and see how good of a deal it really was.

I handed the lady behind the counter the coupon and proceeded to order the meatiest sandwich available. The best I could find was the capicola, salami and provolone. Keeping it simple and veggie-free, I didn’t get anything else on it. I picked out my chips and drink, and went to get rung up. Amazingly, the total came to $2.73! I couldn’t believe what a deal I had somehow been granted. Cheap, however, is not always the best thing. I had to make sure it still tasted alright.

When I unwrapped it and began eating, I have to say I was pretty happy. It didn’t compare at all to the Godmother from Bay Cities in terms of freshness, processedness or the bread, but I wasn’t going to complain for $2.73.

In all, Togo’s gave me a decent meal for an amazing price. I’m not sure the full price would have been worth it for what I got, but if I ever need a decent meaty sandwich, I can count on Togo’s (especially if I have a coupon).