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Empanadas by the Bamboo Pool

What's with the tomatoes?
What’s with the tomatoes?

Sitting by the pool and soaking up the sun is pretty much what you do in Las Vegas in between gambling with fun games, buffets and whatnot. But what the hell do you do when you get hungry and don’t want to give up your prime seat? It’s a real issue and Vegas knows it, which is why they offer food at insane prices. The Bamboo Pool at the Cosmopolitan was no different.

Thus, I ordered the Spicy Beef Empanadas at a price about 10 times higher than they should have been ($19 for 3). The menu said these would be topped with pineapple and crema. It was disappointing to find that tomatoes had invaded the pineapple and this was only somewhat improved by the surprising lime that would go on to add some great taste to the empanadas. In defense of these overpriced Argentinean hot pockets, they were actually pretty tasty. The dough was crispy and flakey, while the inside had some great spicy beef flavor and texture. The kick wasn’t too strong, but enough to keep things interesting.

In general, I’d recommend getting a fill of food beforehand or bringing something easy to snack on, but if you’re going to be dropping money for no convenience or because you’re in Vegas and that’s what people do, these empanadas wouldn’t be a bad choice.