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Empanadas by the Bamboo Pool

What's with the tomatoes?
What’s with the tomatoes?

Sitting by the pool and soaking up the sun is pretty much what you do in Las Vegas in between gambling with fun games, buffets and whatnot. But what the hell do you do when you get hungry and don’t want to give up your prime seat? It’s a real issue and Vegas knows it, which is why they offer food at insane prices. The Bamboo Pool at the Cosmopolitan was no different.

The Strangely Named Grand Casino Bakery


By suggestion, I went off to the Grand Casino Bakery in Culver City in search of some good Argentinian food after I came back from Georgia. I’m not entirely sure how they wound up with a name like that, which really doesn’t convey images of South American food, but somehow it works in this crazy town of LA.