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But she sure like the bone.
But she sure like the bone.

Sometimes I feel like my wife searches the interwebs for places to get bone marrow. Or at least that’s what I assumed when she recommended we go to The Lark in Santa Barbara. Of course, bone marrow was a prominent part of the menu. Fortunately, I am also a fan of that stuff and the rest of the menu seemed intriguing as well.

There’s not much to be said from my perspective about the bone marrow. I’ve kind of reached the point where it all tastes pretty much the same and that it really comes down to what you eat the marrow on. The Lark matched all my expectations and you really couldn’t ask for more.

Belly for belly!
Belly for belly!

The main course was a tough decision, but after much deliberation my waitress recommended the Grilled Lamb Belly. Having never eaten such a thing, but loving pork belly I figured why not? It was served with madras curry, roasted fuji apples, maple gastrique, French lentils, a poached egg, pickled jalapenos and crispy sage. It was a ridiculous amount of ingredients, but it was all worth it. The lamb belly was similar to pork belly in a lot of ways and just like pork belly it really relied on the flavors it was cooked with. It was super tender and didn’t have any of the “muttony” flavor that sometimes brings me down.

It’s also worth noting that The Lark is a pretty cool restaurant in terms of design. For example, the wife sat in a confession booth, while I just sat in a plain old chair. Regardless, what really matters is that The Lark serves up some tasty belly to fill up my belly.