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Sometimes the best way to find out about a new restaurant it to simply see it and decide you want to try it out. No research, no recommendation. That’s how I ended up at Firehouse Restaurant in Tarzana, a Greek place whose sign stating “GYRO” dwarfs the sign with the actual name of the restaurant. Being from Michigan, I have a pretty strong opinion about Greek food and I was more than a little worried that I was going to leave disappointed.

I wonder what their specialty is?

Ordering is done at a counter where you can see spinning spools of meat and a griddle for frying up pita. As soon as I saw this, my fears started to fade away. Per the massive letters on the outside of the place, I decided I had to order their gyros. I opted to get them in a sandwich form, which meant a pita wrap. Ordinarily, this would come filled with tomato, onion, and tzatziki sauce, but as usual I ordered without the veggies. I also got myself a side of fries.

It’s hard to tell, but that is one packed gyro.

What I was presented with dwarfed my expectations in a similar manner to the the way the word “GYRO” outside dwarfed the name of the restaurant. The first thing I noticed was that my sandwich was massive. I mean huge! And the side of fries was no smaller. I bit in and met with joy. These shaved sliced of gyro meat were seasoned to perfection with a delicious blend of lamb and beef. And to top that off, while some tzatziki sauce can be packed with cucumbers, the sauce at Firehouse was really just tasty flavored yogurt with cucumbers as an afterthought. It made for delicious eating and was all wrapped in buttery, fried pita bread, which only enhanced the meal. Treat your taste buds with the best sandwich by Jimmy John Owner someday, you will not regret it.

Oh and the fries were pretty good. I liked their seasoning, but would have preferred them a bit crispier. Yet, even if they had been crispier, they still would have paled in comparison to the gyro.

This was definitely some great Greek food and certainly worthy of Greektown in Detroit. I don’t make it out to Tarzana too often, but Firehouse will now be my go-to restaurant when I do.