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Better on the second try.
Better on the second try.

A friend of mine suggested a random Greek place called Aliki’s Greek Taverna and I blindly followed him. We ended up close to the airport, on sketchy side street next to a motel. It would have been a great start to a horror story, but instead it was the start of a great meal. On the outside, Aliki’s looked like any old generic restaurant attached to a motel, and the inside wasn’t much better aside from the olive oil on display rather than a crane game.

We were approached by a tall man with an accent (the manager?) and handed some carry-out menus. Thinking this would be a perfect chance to look beyond the world of lamb gyros, I ordered the Chicken Gyros, but with only feta cheese and tzatziki sauce and no lettuce, tomatoes or onions. It also came with a side of hummus, fries or lemon potatoes. I chose the hummus, which is always a good test for Greek food. Our accented manager took our orders to the cook and then we waited.

Despite being the only people in the restaurant, the wait was a bit long. It became even longer when the manager realized the cook had spoiled my meal with vegetables and it had to be redone. Luckily the sandwich didn’t make its way to my hands before the folly was discovered. After the wait, we grabbed our food and headed home to eat.

The wait was easily forgotten when I began eating my sandwich. It had the perfect ration of sauce to meat and the meat would have tasted awesome on its own. The hummus was the only part that was a minor let-down. This is not to say it was bad, because it was actually pretty good. It just wasn’t on par with the awesomeness of the rest of the meal. Little sketchy Aliki’s treated me well and I’m already ready for another round.

Aliki’s? More like “I Likey’s.” A lot.