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Wait, Japanese make curry too?
Wait, Japanese make curry too?

Japanese curry and I go way back. From the start, it has been a loving relationship, but I must admit I have a couple of places I like to get it from and don’t often get outside of that box. Curry House is not one of these places, and although it resides across the street from Hurry Curry of Tokyo, my go-to Japanese curry place, I never felt the need for Curry House. Yet, with a big group one night, Curry House was kind of our only option and we took it.

The place had a surprisingly huge menu and it was Japanese in every way. For me, though, the only real option was chicken katsu curry. To order anything else would have made me ashamed of myself. As for spice level, I ordered the Extra Hot, which was the second hottest. Usually Japanese curry isn’t very hot and I would have gone all the way, but the waiter assured me it would be plenty hot.

And he was right, this was some spicy curry. It was one of those delayed burns that you don’t quite realize until you have eaten a little too much of it, but still pretty tasty. Interestingly enough, the curry was much more viscous than I usually prefer. In addition, the chicken itself couldn’t quite compare with Hurry Curry.

Still, though, I was happier than I expected to be from Curry House. They know how to make a spicy curry and there isn’t a whole lot more to it.

Oh and by the way, if you do go, make sure to order your chicken katsu curry without the random assortment of vegetables. I didn’t notice them in the picture on the menu and my plate was unfortunately adorned with them, despite being quite easy to avoid.