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The look of lush.

I have a hard time driving by burger places regularly without paying a visit. And yet, Lush Burger in Scottsdale evaded my belly for too long. This would have to be remedied and so I made my way there. I was amused by the naming of the burgers on the menu, ranging from Jay Does ‘Shrooms to Hello….?!?! Can Anyone Get Me A Bacon Cheeseburger Around Here?!? with amazingly lengthy descriptions.

I ordered The Yippee-I-Ayyy!, which is essentially Lush Burger’s take on the western-style burger with onion rings, cheddar, BBQ sauce and bacon. I opted for fries on the side and ordered medium-rare. Of course, I was disappointed to find that the burger also came with ingredients that were not listed on the menu. You know, like lettuce, tomato and a devastating pickle spear right next to the burger. I had to remove all of these immediately before getting my mouth around the burger. And when I did, I found the burger to be, well, pretty good.

I wish I could say it was more than pretty good, but frankly it was a burger that lived up to its expectations and didn’t really go anywhere beyond that. The fries were freaking delicious though, clearly making use of the chip on the shoulder that results in being second fiddle to a pretty good burger.

And, of course, it is difficult to get over the pickle, lettuce and tomato. So, you can go to Lush Burger and you probably won’t be disappointed, but you also shouldn’t expect to be overly impressed either. Unless you’re talking about the names and the descriptions.