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What lies beneath?

I went into Cold Beers and Cheeseburgers expecting to get some cold beer and a cheeseburger. And pretty immediately, I knew this would not be the case. It started with a delay to my beer because they were out of what I wanted. That was fine, because places run out of beer all the time and so I went ahead and ordered a new one. But then, I was told that it was Monday and that meant $12 build your own mac and cheese with basically whatever the hell you want in it.

So I dove into the mac and cheese headfirst. I added avocado, bacon, truffle oil, beef chili, blue cheese, green chiles and pepper jack cheese. Oh and breadcrumbs too. It was perhaps the richest bowl of pasta the world has ever seen and I went to town on it. Despite the fact that the FDA never should have allowed this to be made, it was actually made in a very balanced way. Nothing had been skipped out on and I downed bites of all the individual ingredients with glee.

Eventually I hit a wall and couldn’t eat anymore. But I ate anyway. No regrets, right? Well, maybe. I mean it was delicious, but I might have gone over the top. I’m certainly glad I did it, but when I inevitably make my way back, I’ll be sure to stick with the original plan of grabbing a cheeseburger to go with my cold beer.