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The LA area isn’t exactly known for its pizza. Yet, while the nation has concentrated its pizza efforts on New York and Chicago, LA has quietly built up some great pizza places. I’ve done my best to review them as they’ve come, and the latest to hop on my radar is The Luggage Room in Pasadena. Based on the name, you might not expect pizza, but you’d be wrong because that’s pretty much all The Luggage Room does.

Perfectly imperfect.
Perfectly imperfect.

Thus, I made the very obvious decision to order The Gladiator. It is a simple mozzarella and tomato sauce-topped pizza that also happens to have house-made Italian sausage and the world’s best damn pepperoni (aka¬†salumeria biellese pepperoni). Of course, I didn’t know the pepperoni was so amazing when I ordered, but upon my first bite of this pie it was apparent. You see, this pepperoni is not only sliced thick, but also has a greater width than traditional pepperoni. These differences add a depth of texture and are coupled with a powerfully perfect flavor. The sausage was nothing to complain about either. On top (or below) all of this, the dough was just perfect. It was uneven in all the right places and just plain good. The waiter had recommended avoiding the gluten-free option if at all medically possible and I could tell why.

Moreover, I felt like The Luggage Room can really hold its own against LA’s perennial pizza champion – Pizzeria Mozza. What more could an unvegan like me ask for?