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It’s not even really wizzed on.

If you, as a restaurant, are going to call yourself great, as the Great Steak and Potato Company does, you had better be truly great. If not, you are opening yourself up for a slew of invited criticism. As an optimist, I figured the place was worth a try, if for no other reason than I had pretty much exhausted the options at Burbank’s Empire Center.

I wasn’t expecting a fancy steak dinner joint, so when I walked in and found it to be a predominantly cheesesteak and fries joint, I was pretty happy. I cannot claim to be a cheesesteak expert, since I’ve never had one in Philly, but I feel as thought I’ve tried enough to say what a good one should taste like. I ordered their Original Philly Cheesesteak, which was offered at a discounted price, without the onions (it was only cheese, onions and steak), then ordered their Coney Island Fries, which were topped with chili and cheese.

The result was sort of an unexpected sandwich. As you can see above, the cheese was more of the nacho variety than anything that should actually be on a cheesesteak. Don’t get me wrong, I love nacho cheese, but it has its place and that place is not a cheesesteak. The overall meat content was nice and they definitely grilled the steak to order, but the cheese part of the cheesesteak is such an important component that I could not overlook.

The potatoes struggle to be great.

The fries were a nice addition, but they really weren’t anything special. I found the chili to be pretty generic, and although the nacho cheese worked better on the fries than the sandwich, it still left a bit to be desired.

Also, I cannot confirm, but I think the meal made me a bit ill. After lunch, my stomach was not happy with me and I can only assume it had to do with the Great Steak and Potato Company. Had the meal actually been somewhere near great, I would have left my angry bowels out of the review, but the lack of greatness combined with stomach destruction left me wishing I had eaten a whole lot of something else.