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A happy large.
A happy large.

Ever since graduating from college, it hasn’t been easy find great deals on pizza. Not so long ago, I was in the habit of ordering two large one-topping pizzas for the amazing price of ten bucks, including delivery! While days like that will likely never be seen again by this hungry unvegan, there are still some decently cheap pizza places out there. Lenzini’s 241 Pizza (get it? two for one?) in Plams is one of these places. All the pizzas on their menu come with a second pizza of equal or lesser value. The prices are slightly inflated, but it was definitely worth a try the last time my girlfriend and I had to order a bunch of pizzas.

The foodpanda delivery took about a half hour and the pizzas came looking like they were just pulled from the oven. I tried out the pepperoni and I was pretty impressed. The cheese was loaded on there and took a little teeth grinding to get through each bite. As a big admirer of cheese, this was not an issue for me, but I can see how some people could get cheese overload. The sauce was minimal and the pepperonis were just as you would expect from a delivery pizza. The dough was nothing special, but cooked pretty well.

Nothing about this pizza was amazing, but it was definitely a good break from the normal delivery places. And if you like a lot of cheese, with little sauce, you will love this place. The prices are great and as long as you aren’t expecting some special Italian or gourmet pizza, you won’t be disappointed. Especially if you order on the days they offer three for one!