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Rockin’ the Lunch at Rock’n Fish

Skin or no skin?
Skin or no skin?

For a fancy Sunday lunch, I went out to Rock’n Fish in Manhattan Beach at the request of my favorite girlfriend. The name makes it sound like some sort of gimmicky musically inclined restaurant. It’s actually nothing of the sort, and more of a fancy little place.

I’ve never been the biggest fan of consuming fish before dinner time, so I looked more closely at the cow and chicken options. The place had some good unvegan choices, but I finally settled on the Hibachi Teriyaki Chicken, which didn’t have a vegetable in sight. It also included two sides, so I got shoestring fries and the spicy mac ‘n cheese.

When my chicken came, I was a little disturbed that only one half of it had skin. The other half looked almost naked in comparison. Maybe they wanted me to do a little compare and contrast…

I cut off a piece of the chicken and was pretty disappointed. It tasted kind of burnt and was pretty dry. The teriyaki-ish sauce on the side helped out a little bit, but the chicken really seemed almost as if it had never been marinated in the first place. On the other hand, the sides were awesome. The mac ‘n cheese wasn’t especially spicy, but it was plenty cheesy and the shoestring fries were as good as can be expected.

I think I may have made a bad choice by ordering chicken at a fish restaurant, however it was under a section entitled “American Regional Specialties,” which tells you they should be good at cooking it. Oh well, at least I could take solace in my sides.