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Spicy Garlic on the left and Wild on the right.
Spicy Garlic on the left and Wild on the right.

A huge franchise that LA is completely lacking in is Buffalo Wild Wings, which I affectionately call Bdubs. Sure, there is one all the way out in Chino Hills, but fighting traffic to get there makes it seem easier to fly back to Michigan to get my fill of Bdubs.

I got my recent fix from the restaurant in Novi, Michigan and although I didn’t eat them at the restaurant, I’ve always enjoyed the general ambience of the place, with sports all over the place, but not too loud that you can’t concentrate.

Anyway, I ordered twelve wings with my two favorites sauces, Wild and Spicy Garlic. These are the real reason I like Bdubs. Wild is a regular buffalo sauce, but about as hot as you can get without losing flavor. It’s the second-hottest on their scale, just short of Blazing, which I feel is unenjoyable due to the blistering heat. To accompany my Wild, I also like to get Spicy Garlic, which is a milder buffalo sauce with a hint of garlic. They are good as a buffer whenever the Wild gets to be too much.

In truth, the wings at Bdubs are a little disappointing in size. The sauce more than makes up for this and also they way the meat itself tastes is great. There is nothing worse than biting into a wing and getting a mouthful of wing fat. This never happens at Bdubs, where the wings are nice and crispy, if not incredibly meaty.

A lot of the time, people like to get carrots and celery with their wings to cool down their mouths. To me, this is a terrible idea. If I need to cool down my mouth, I’ll get some beer or some potato wedges (with cheese!). There is really no need for vegetables to be anywhere near my wings.

Buffalo Wild Wings is always a reliable bet for wings and their sauces are unbeatable. If only they would open a restaurant in LA so I wouldn’t have to fly all the way back to Michigan to get my share.