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Plate of joy.
Plate of joy.

While essentially a part of The South, Washington, DC has always seemed much more like a northern city to me. Nonetheless, its southern roots can sometimes be found in a number of places. Rocklands Barbeque in Glover Park is one of those places, because obviously The South is chock-full of great BBQ.

Some pretty beef.
Some pretty beef.

While I heard great things about the lamb, I opted for a brisket sandwich, which came with two sides. I chose the mac and cheese and chili and looked forward to the results. Turned out this brisket was unlike any I had ever seen before, with the meat cut into thin strips instead of big chunks. It had clearly made contact with some sort of grilling device because it had a little char, but coupled with the warm BBQ sauce they serve up at Rocklands it was truly a delight.

Gettin' ribby with it.
Gettin’ ribby with it.

The mac and cheese was a great side, while the chili was just whatever. On the other hand, I tried out the lamb and it was as good as I was told, plus I tested out the spare ribs and some corn pudding. These were also delicious, leading me to believe that Rocklands has a hard time making anything poorly. I mean even that chili wasn’t bad, it just wan’t good because it was overly watery and bean-y.

So while the brisket wasn’t exactly what I’ve come to expect from brisket, it was delicious and so was pretty much the rest of Rocklands.