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A fishy taco
A fishy taco

Captain Kidd’s in Redondo Beach is kind of a combination of a fish market and a restaurant. I typically wouldn’t find myself in a place like this, but unforeseen circumstances led me there.

I am typically not the biggest fan of fish, and some of my fans may have noticed the lack of seafood in almost all of my posts. The big reason for this is the smell of fish. I have heard that if fish smells and tastes “fishy,” it means it’s bad. I don’t like taking that sort of risk with my food and usually prefer to eat more meaty and less smelly animals.

The menu at Captain Kidd’s did offer a steak sandwich and some form of chicken, but I figured since I was in a place surrounded by tanks of crustaceans and fish on ice, I should do as the Romans do. I ordered one of the cheapest (at $10!) and least intimidating items on the menu, the fish tacos. I asked the guy at the counter what came with the tacos and he said it was just pan-seared fish, with fries and rice. At least there were no veggies.

It took quite a while for my meal to be prepared. Usually this isn’t a problem, except

People looking for fish.
People looking for fish.

that I had to wait around in a restaurant reeking of fish while I waited. It wasn’t exactly the most pleasant aroma to be hanging around. Finally, my tacos were ready and brought them to the table to eat.

I bit in and was pretty disappointed. The scraps that they had used to make the tacos just tasted fishy. And nothing else. There wasn’t any added flavor or anything. In fact, the tacos may not have tasted fishy at all, but just being surrounded with the scent made them taste that way to me.

If you are a fish-loving unvegan, this may be the perfect place for you. It is certainly a fun concept. But for anyone who doesn’t like the smell of fish, you’ll be better-suited finding a restaurant that keeps the good in the back room.