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I guess the view is alright.
I guess the view is alright.

On our last night in Cape Town, we were thinking Italian and headed back to The Waterfront to find Meloncino. The restaurant might just have the greatest view of any pizza place in the world, but I must admit I have not seen every pizza view in existence. While great views are available all over Cape Town, I was more curious if great pizza existed as well.

Of the various options, which included some unique, although not overly creative options, I ordered the Provolina. Part of the reason for this was that most of the pizzas had “rocket,” which sounds like an awesome topping until you realize it is what we call arugula in the USA. The Provolina was free of rocket and instead was a sauceless pie topped with mozzarella, a nameless smoked cheese, speck and smoked beef.

Peace pie?
Peace pie?

It took a long time to prepare, and when it did, it was unlike any pizza I had seen before. The crust was thin, the cheese was melty, but the toppings were another thing entirely. They were gigantic, which ordinarily wouldn’t be a bad thing, except that they had been placed on the pizza after it had been sliced. This meant I had to do extra slicing on my end, which I am never a fan of. They were probably better-suited for a sandwich, but alas they were meat and that alone was a good thing.

Overall, though, the pizza wasn’t really anything special. There wasn’t a ton of flavor and while Meloncino itself didn’t give off a gimmicky vibe, it seemed as though the pizza existed solely to please the touristy crowd that craved pizza while on vacation. Perhaps it wasn’t the best meal to close out our time in Cape Town, but it could have been a lot worse.