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Oh no green.

On stop two of our late-night food binge (after Pommes Frites), we headed to a little pizza shop called Artichoke. Here they specialized in, wait for it, artichoke pizza. Apparently therseI felt uncomfortable just being there, but I was told that this was some of the best pizza in New York. That it quite a claim, and after a stern talking-to, I was convinced to try some of the artichoke pizza, even against my better unvegan instincts.

You are so wrong for me.

Since we had just eating a ton of poutine, we managed to convince the place to slice one piece of their artichoke pizza into three. The slice ran for 4 bucks and after a short stint of reheating in the oven, our triple-slice was ready for eating. I swallowed my fear and bit in. It was surprisingly good. the cheese was so flavorful and buttery that I hardly even tasted the artichoke. I really do feel like the key to this pizza was the fact that they covered up the artichoke flavor with all the cheesy and buttery goodness. And the dough tasted great, although it was thicker and harder than the typical New York pizza.

Since the pizza tasted great, I really just had to question why the artichoke was necessary on it. Could they have not created the same pizza and left the artichoke out? It seems to me that it would have tasted just as good, without the unnecessary sacrifice of vegetable life. Nonetheless, this place is definitely worth a visit on a late-night romp through Manhattan. And make sure to stop at Led Zeppole next door for a little deep-fried dessert.