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No roast here.

Petoskey is a lovely little town and the main drag of it is even lovelier. Situated in the middle of it is a coffee shop and sandwich place appropriately named Roast & Toast. It, too, is lovely. And while I’m no fan of coffee or ampersands, I do appreciate a good toasted sandwich. Seeing as it was lunch time, it seemed a wise choice.

So I went with the Blackwich, a sandwich whose name was intriguing, but ingredients were welcoming. It consisted of Cajun-seasoned chicken, bacon basically from down the street at Plath’s, avocado from definitely not down the street, lettuce, Swiss cheese undoubtedly from somewhere other than Switzerland, bleu cheese pesto mayo spread and some toasted white-ish bread.

I ordered without the lettuce and tomato like a good unvegan and the results were something of a beauty. The Cajun chicken was more the cold cut sliced variety, but that didn’t stop it from being delicious. The avocado was fresh and the bacon was nice and thick and crispy. There was even pineapple on the side for garnish where you would ordinarily find a stupid pickle spear. And, perhaps most importantly, the toasted bread was superb, ensuring that Roast & Toast could continue using the latter part of its name.

Roast & Toast definitely knew how to construct a sandwich, and to garnish it the right way. It’s the kind of place that everyone wishes they had around the corner from home, and at least for my brief week in Northern Michigan it served that purpose well.