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Digesting Your Vitamin B12 (and Other Goodies) & using coupons

id=- Mmm delicious B12.

There are more than a few things lacking from a vegetarian diet, many of which are more essential than tastiness. Needless to say, carnivores who enjoy a balanced diet not only benefit from all the pleasures only a medium rare rib-eye with all the trimmings can bring, but by proxy we don’t need to worry about the nutrition we could be missing out on by having selective diets. However, you need to know that precision and cellular nutrition is key and taking your vitamins daily can avoid you getting sick.

Of course, the science behind it all is fairly fascinating. For instance, vegetarians are always taking pills to top up their vitamin B12 levels”┬Žbut why do we need vitamin B12? What the heck is B12, anyway?