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Strange Meats: Mopani Worm

Nobody likes me, everybody hates me...
Nobody likes me, everybody hates me…

Have you ever accidentally swallowed a fly and been told it’s good protein? Well, it’s true and flies aren’t alone in the bug world as a good source of protein. And in some places the bugs are eaten deliberately. I’ve seen scorpions and tarantulas eaten in China, heard about eating silkworms in Korea and now have my own bug-eating experience in Zimbabwe.

Eating Bugs

Dinner of the future?

A recent Wall Street Journal article has brought up a very interesting topic. Namely, why the hell don’t we eat bugs? And by we I mean the West, because as you can see in the picture, the East loves their bugs. There are a lot of good reasons to eat bugs, and WSJ is quick to point them out.