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The Unvegan Joins Grill ‘Em All on Eat Street

Oh just a little production still.

Don’t think I’m a qualified food blogger? Think my reviews suck? I know you naysayers are out there, but that didn’t stop Eat Street (a program airing on the Canadian Food Network and American Cooking Channel) from contacting me about appearing on their show. Not only did they want me on the show, they even referred to me as a “Food Expert.” Boo-yah!

So I answered the call and a few months ago I headed out to the Grill ‘Em All truck to give Eat Street my opinion of their burgers. I had tried them once before and delighted in their Behemoth, so I was excited to experience Grill ‘Em All again. At the truck I met fellow burger lover, Rev, and we instantly bonded over our disdain for pickles and our mighty Michigan roots. Rev not only manages Grill ‘Em All, but is always conquering burgers for his blog, Burger Conquest.

I also got to meet Chef Ryan, his burger partner, Matt, and the rest of the crew working for Grill ‘Em All and Eat Street. They were all fans of Unvegan (obviously) and they were all cool to hang out with. When it came down to eating, I wound up with their Molly Hatchet. Made with seared fennel sausage gravy, maple syrup and bacon, it was a perfect unvegan burger that didn’t even require a special order. But how was it?

Tune into the Cooking Channel at 8:00 on July 5th to find out!

The Best Pupusa I Ever Ate at Sarita’s Pupuseria?

Love the people at Grand Central Market.

While down at the Grand Central Market, my girlfriend (that’s for you, Joel) remembered she had seen one of the stalls on The Best Thing I Ever Ate on The Food Network. This stall was Sarita’s Pupuseria, which specializes in…wait for it…pupusas! You know, everyone’s favorite Salvadoran food. I am a huge fan of pupusas and while I may not know what Salvadorans look for in terms of a good pupusa, I know what this unvegan likes. The pupusa featured on that show was the basic bean and cheese, so we ordered one to split just to find out if it could hit the list of the best things we ever ate.

Paula Deen: Unvegan Hero

Just a disclaimer before the real entry. Apparently our country is experiencing a sort of bacon obsession. Almost every time I try to profile a prolific Unvegan Hero, they seem to have some sort of bacon fixation. This is in no way a bad thing, but I would like to shed light on more of a variety of meats. I just wanted to apologize in advance for so many baconated posts and will do my best to find more of a variety of Unvegan Heroes in the future. On to the entry.

I’ve never been much of a Food Network watcher because I’d usually rather be eating food than watching someone make food and eat it in front of me without offering any of it to. If you think about it, it’s pretty rude. That may change soon, though.