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‘Mimi’s Cafe’

Being Seasonal at Mimi’s Cafe (CLOSED)


EDIT: This Mimi’s is gone, but not forgotten. Also, there are other Mimi’s that can drop you an early bird special.

Recently I paid a visit to the desert, aka Rancho Mirage, to visit my grandparents. For dinner one night we headed to Mimi’s Cafe, which is apparently a chain that I had never heard of and was very appropriate for a meal with the grandparents. This was all new to me, though, so I was excited to see an entirely new menu of good food. It was obviously prepared with the health-conscious in mind, since it had its own little healthy section. Some of this section was even unvegan, but I was not in the mood for health. Instead, I found my way to their seasonal menu and their Brie Chicken.