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The Rating System

Unvegan Options – I will scour the menu to see how many potential unvegan options are listed. For example, if I am at a sandwich shop and every item has lettuce on it, the rating here will be low. This will also include sides, so if a restaurant only offers a choice of vegetable soup or salad, the rating will be low. If fruit or some sort of meaty side is offered, the rating will be higher.

Unvegan Dish – If the dish I order ends up with vegetables somehow, the rating here will be low. Garnishings get the fewest points off, because they interfere the least with the real food, whereas finding something as bad as a pickle hidden in my burger will get a huge deduction.

Unvegan Taste – Once the dish has been refurbished according to the unvegan needs, I will rate how much I enjoy it. Some disasters, such as little bits of lettuce that can’t be picked out no matter how hard I try, will affect both this and the Unvegan Dish rating.

Overall Rating – This rating will continue to provide the greatest litmus for the restaurant. It will include a combination of the other ratings, plus any other externalities worth incorporating into an overall rating.