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Sponsored Ad: Casting Meat Enthusiasts!

Are you an extreme meat lover?

Do you visit obscure places just to sample their one-of-a-kind meat?

Do you crave the culture, the people, and traditions that surround all things meat as well? Are you constantly on the hunt for the next big meaty trend out there? Looking to try the latest and greatest way people are acquiring, preparing, serving and chowing down on their meat?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, YOU might be the star of our new show!!

We are casting the following nationally:

MALE MEAT-EATING ENTHUSIASTS: Looking to cast males who appear any age and any ethnicity, who fully embrace absolutely everything meat culture has to offer””on and off the plate. Specifically casting foodies who are involved in all sorts of meat-related food sub-cultures, eating rituals or anything that has to do with the creative, fanatic desire to hunt, prepare and eat a variety of meats in a variety of ways.  We are also open to meat loving families and friends (i.e. fathers and sons, best guy friends, brothers, cousins etc).

If interested, please submit your photo and contact information to: