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Succulent Segovian Swine at Restaurante Amado

August 14th, 2012 Tweet Facebook Digg Stumble Reddit

Looks Kosher enough to me.

The Spanish town of Segovia is famous for a few things:

Its Roman aqueduct — still standing since it was constructed in 50 A.D, it consists of 163 arches made of 20,000 granite blocks and not a drop of mortar.

The Alcazar — the castle which inspired Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty castle at Disneyland.

And Cochinillo Asado, a roast suckling pig that’s supposed to be insanely tender and flavorful. Continue Reading»

Following the Rules at Kuma’s Corner

May 10th, 2010 Tweet Facebook Digg Stumble Reddit

That burger sounds loud.

The following guest blog is courtesy of Ryan Glasspiegel.  Check him out on Twitter:  @RGSpiegel

After living the unvegan lifestyle in Chicago for the better part of a year, I am extremely ashamed to admit that I had never eaten at Kuma’s Corner until just recently. Located off the beaten path on Belmont Avenue near the corner of Belmont, California, and Elston, Kuma’s Corner is not easily accessible to me by either walking or public transportation. Further, there is a perpetual wait time of over two hours so in addition to knowing someone who has a car, you have to be willing to stake out the significant portion of a day in order to indulge in their renowned hamburgers. Continue Reading»

S & W Country Diner

July 27th, 2009 Tweet Facebook Digg Stumble Reddit
A breakfast for champions.

A breakfast for champions.

The following guest blog is courtesy of Waldo Centeno.  Check him out on Twitter:  @waldocent

I woke up on Sunday contemplating two things:  what happened last night and what’s for breakfast?  In a way, both questions were answered with one phrase – S & W.  Since moving to Culver City, my roommate and I have regularly attended S & W a few times a month and frequently run into people we know.  This time was no different, as we were greeted with many friendly faces.

As usual, the diner was uniquely covered in a menagerie of old travel souvenir items (license plates, road signs, large coca cola cap, etc.) scattered along the walls.  The simple setup of a counter, booths, un-sturdy tables, and mismatched chairs fondly reminded me of Ann Arbor’s own Fleetwood Diner, which is also a great place to get rid of hangovers while blowing away cigarette ash off of your plate. S & W, however, lacks cigarette ash/smoke, which is a plus in my book. Continue Reading»

Strange Meats: Chiavetta’s Chicken

Kinda like a normal chicken.

Kinda like a normal chicken.

Throughout my time in Western New York, I saw a great many signs for “Chicken BBQ.” They would often appear on weekends as fundraisers for churches and the like. Eventually I learned they were using Chiavetta’s Marinade and while the chicken itself was ordinary, I found the existence and cultural phenomenon of Chiavetta’s strange enough to turn Chiavetta’s Chicken into a strange meat.

Continue Reading»