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Mysteriously Delicious at Nessy Burgers

Found you!
Found you!

A long, long time ago a coworker of mine told me Nessy Burgers had the best burgers in the world. Now, I consider myself an aficionado of burgers so this obviously had a lasting impact on me, especially considering that Nessy Burgers is essentially in the middle of nowhere. When we arrived to the hidden trailer in Fallbrook (just outside of Temecula), my wife remarked that it might be called “Nessy” because it was hard to find, like its namesake Loch Ness Monster.

Old Western Eating at Front Street

Like all those Old West burger places you hear about.

Temecula is a strange part of California. Somewhere between LA, San Diego and Palm Springs, it’s essentially the middle of nowhere. Except it’s not. It’s wine country, it’s gated communities and it is the Old West. Nowhere is the latter felt more than Old Town Temecula, which is a blend of truly old buildings and new buildings made to look like cowboys once had shootouts inside. Front Street Bar & Grill sits in Old Town, but doesn’t try to look like a cowboy outpost. Instead, it has the looks of colonial mansion, with a great outdoor patio.