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unvegan gloria gaynor
She will survive

Steak steak steak. Steak steak. Steak. Survival. As far as I’m concerned, these are the thoughts that run through Gloria Gaynor’s head constantly.

Why do I think this? Well first off, we should cover the “survivor” aspect. It may be obvious to some, but Gloria Gaynor sang “I Will Survive,” which almost everyone everywhere knows. So she survives. And I’m guessing she thinks about it often.

The steak, though, is a little less well-known. Fortunately, though, a recent Huffington Post article revealed Gaynor’s love of steak to the world. In the article, Gaynor reveals the history of her love for steak, which began with filet mignon, but evolved to rib eye, which means the two of us have something in common. Rib eye is certainly my favorite steak, and it is good to know that I am in good company.

Interestingly, her favorite steak comes from Ruth’s Chris, which I have not yet had the opportunity to try. Obviously, I’m going to need to, because Gaynor has tried steak all over the country and the world. She claims even Argentina can’t beat Ruth’s Chris.

So for doing whatever it takes to survive and devouring steaks like a pro, Gloria Gaynor, you are a true Unvegan Hero!

(via The Huffington Post)