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Neal Barnard: Unvegan Villain

This truck begs to differ.

Some people just can’t be satisfied until they have made everyone else unhappy. Neal Barnard is one of these people. Not only is he an advocate of the vegan (malnourishment) diet, he has now taken his attack upon humanity to the billboards.

In an all out attack on cheese, Barnard and his Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine have unleashed a couple of billboards purporting to show the “negative” affects of cheese. Both display intensely overweight individuals with such creative taglines as “Your Abs on Cheese.” Yes, that is a throwback to the ’80s and ’90s “Your Brain on Drugs” PSAs like the one starring the beautiful Rachel Leigh Cook.

To check out the billboards, head on over here.

So this Barnard character claims that cheese is the reason we Americans are so obese. Well, I probably eat more than the 31 pounds of cheese that the average American does every year and don’t feel obese at all. And I bet I’m not alone.

But while I may be an anomaly, most people would probably say it’s cool to have cheese every once in a while. Not so with Barnard. He says it should never be eaten, which is even more outlandish than those billboards. Just because he’s lactarded doesn’t mean he should be taking it out on the well-balanced individuals in this world.

Fortunately, Barnard has a website with contact information, so if you’re anything like me and want to take a stand against his absurd claims, feel free to drop him a line.

(via NPR and my old buddy Michelle)