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Pandas: Unvegan Heroes

He has a taste for blood!

For my whole life, I have had a lack of respect for pandas. Yes, pandas. They may be cute, but despite being genetically predisposed to eat meat, they had chosen a life of eating bamboo. This choice has led to their endangerment, because it takes a whole lot more bamboo to feed a panda than meat. But things seem to be changing. Pandas now have a taste for blood.

Out in Sichuan, China, a panda has been caught on camera feasting on the forbidden food and seems to be loving it. While the panda probably didn’t kill the antelope it seems to enjoy so much, one can only guess what the taste of blood may trigger in these bears. Once upon a time, their ancestors liked meat and as the bamboo forests continue to decrease, I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot more pandas go retro.

So, for realizing meat is a viable meal and changing my negative perception of pandas, you pandas are now true Unvegan Heroes!

Check out the alarmingly awesome video here:

(via Daily Mail)