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Tennis hero.

Tennis is the ultimate individual sport and while the world may be sick and tired of players who have been dominating for more than a decade, Sloane Stephens just breathed some new life into the sport with a win at the US Open. All this is good and well, but more importantly she knew how to celebrate – with some of the greatest food of all.

According to TMZ, Stephens went off to the steakhouse. Being in New York, she went to a place called STK, which I will probably have to get to next time I’m in town and win a tennis championship. Allegedly she came in with a whole posse and went crazy on some meaty dishes, finishing off with some delicious steaks.

It’s good to see that despite the rollercoasters of trends in the food world, there is still nothing like celebrating the results of hard work with a good old fashioned steak.

So, for being the change to tennis that we were all looking for, but afraid to ask for, and for celebrating that fact with a steak, Sloane Stephens, you are a true Unvegan Hero!