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Will Ferrell: Unvegan Hero

*Unfortunately I was unable to embed the clip from Man vs. Wild, so the hilarious video above will have to do. Click here to see the clips on Eat Me Daily.

To promote his new movie, Land of the Lost, Will Ferrell ventured to Scandinavia on the show, Man vs. Wild. While there, he and Bear Grylls, the host, found a frozen reindeer head and decided they needed to eat it.

They roasted the head over a fire and the first parts that became edible were the eyes and the area around the eyes.Grylls ate the actual eyes and Ferrell was given bits of the sockets. It was a hearty meat-filled meal that looked awful, but just goes to show that if you are ever trapped in the wilderness (or your house), meat should always be the number one food choice, no matter what part of the animal it is.

For eating any meat that is given to him and being one of the funniest men on the planet, Will Ferrell, you are a true Unvegan Hero!

(via Eat Me Daily)