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Driving on Meat

I would rather eat than drive this car.

One of the biggest complaint that vegan and vegetarian environmentalists have against meat-eating is that eating it causes a huge amount of waste. Well, for those of you who have been avoiding meat for that very reason will soon be able to get back on the meat wagon. Well actually the meat car.

You see, Tyson, the largest meat company in the world, has decided to get into the diesel-making business with a company called Syntroleum. This effort will use meat fats that were just going to be dumped and actually turn them into diesel. The key is that this waste was already going to be created and now has the potential to not be waste at all.

It also should do more good by detracting from biodiesel  The fun of biodiesel is that it takes some of the oil control away from scary countries like Venezuela and Saudi Arabia, but the harsh reality of it is that the soybeans used to make it take a huge toll on the environment. Plus, the diesel made from animal fats is chemically the same as regular diesel, where biodiesel is not.

According to, “It’s a low-carbon fuel, releases far fewer sulfur dioxide, particulate, and 58 to 80 percent lower greenhouse gas emissions than petroleum diesel and can go directly into the petroleum pipeline and refining infrastructure.” So…cleaner, better for the environment, a supply that is already being created, and a chance to move away from energy dependence? That’s right. Oh, and it’s also cheaper. With a business plan like this one, meat cars might just be the way of the future.