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Time to Eat Cloned Meat

Would you eat this sheep?

Hungry? How does a little lamb sound? And how about you eat that same lamb every day, over and over. Eventually you would think it would go rotten, but you would be wrong, because in a way you are eating a different sheep, a cloned sheep. And apparently it’s safe.

That’s right. If you have ever fantasized about eating an animal clone, and I’m sure you have, a new study in the UK says it’s no different than regular meat. People may herald this as the solution to world hunger. But the real question is how this will change things? We already pretty much eat manufactured foods. Is eating cloned animals really going to make a difference? I’m not so sure, but where quantity may not be the issue, I’m pretty sure this will improve quality.

Just think of the possibilities of the things you couldn’t eat before. I’ve always thought tiger would be tasty, but that beautiful animal is way too close to extinction to eat. Or what about your pet dog? Obviously your little buddy is too much of a friend to eat, but what about a clone of your little buddy? Then you could know what he tastes like and still play fetch with him. And according to the study, he would be just as healthy as the original. Best of both worlds!

But aside from eating, creating cloned animals could be used to repopulate some of the world’s most endangered species. It might not be natural, but neither is artificial insemination.

While I don’t expect cloned tigers and dogs to be hitting the market anytime soon, it still sounds pretty awesome. If you could eat any cloned animal, what would yours be?

(via Food and Drink Digital)